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Other specialties

Ear, nose and throat

You may know them as ENT surgeons, but we call them otolaryngologists. This medical specialty focuses on our ear, nose and throat areas, from which many senses derive—hearing, swallowing, tasting and breathing. Special attention is given to sinus issues and sleep disorders that interrupt breathing, but we’re also here to help children with ear and throat infections, including surgery if needed. Our ENT specialists offer a full spectrum of services for you and your family.


In our world of mobility, foot and ankle areas are complex, critical connectors to whole body wellness. Whether suffering from a recent or old injury, a deformity or realigning nerves or muscles, Methodist Hospital for Surgery’s team of board-certified podiatrists specialize in repairing damaged areas and alleviating pain. Our goal is to have the patient moving smoothly and pain-free as quickly as possible. Our on-site physical therapists assist in restoring strength while accelerating the healing process.