Spine Surgery Treatments

Pain Management
Our physicians take an interdisciplinary approach to ease the suffering of people who experience long-term pain. We seek to improve the quality of life for those with chronic back pain through appropriate physical therapies and/or medication so they can remain active and productive.

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Cervical and Lumbar Surgery
Spinal distortions leading to pinching of the spinal cord especially among older persons can cause a variety of painful or uncomfortable sensations from the neck to the buttocks. Often a laminectomy, a surgery to remove portions of the bone affecting the spinal cord will provide significant pain relief.

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Scoliosis procedures
For persons suffering from abnormal spine curvatures, a series of surgeries often can provide ongoing relief. Every patient is unique and the surgeon will present the pros and cons of different procedures so the patient and their families can make informed decisions with proper guidance.

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Nerve Stimulator Implants
In this FDA-approved and safe procedure a small low intensity electrical generator is implanted in the lower abdomen and linked to the epidural region of the spine. It stimulates nerves while blocking pain pathways to the brain.

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Spinal Fusion
The vertebrae are the individual bone building blocks of the spine that protect the spinal cord. Spinal fusion surgery helps stop painful motion between two vertebrae by fusing them together.

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Spine Surgery and Ortho-Spine Physicians

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